The Police Take a Dog From a Park

Brazil police rescue dog becomes internet sensation after it saves four people

Brazil is known for beautiful beaches and exotic wildlife, like dolphins and stingrays, but there is a darker side to its national police force.

On Jan. 24, one member of the team, a six-year-old Doberman named Pepper, was taken from the canine unit at the Parque Municipal da Boa Viagem by three criminals who wanted to sell him, and the puppy, for $15,000.

Pepper was rescued by a passerby passing by the park. The police were forced to shoot the dog to protect himself. “We don’t have a choice,” said a police sergeant who was present. “We have to defend the people on the scene.”

But it’s not just the police that are in danger when faced with this situation. Everyone has a connection with the dog’s story, since they are connected with Pepper’s owner, an environmental activist, as well as his grandmother, whose birthday was the day the police took Pepper from the park.

Pepper’s story, as told by his owner, was captured on video and uploaded to YouTube, getting an internet buzz around the world. It has also been picked up by BBC’s Good Morning British, ABC’s Nightline, and other news outlets. A TV spot in Portuguese was also created based on the video, which will air Monday on Brazilian television.

“We are waiting for the response from [the authorities],” says the activist, whose name is being withheld by request.

The footage, taken from a distance, begins with three men sitting on a motorcycle in the park. A woman, the owner of the dog, can be seen waving them off and walking to the beach.

But the men don’t take the puppy. Instead, they grab the woman’s hand, yank her off her feet, and throw her to

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