Ron DeSantis, Republican Candidate, Hits The Stage at Republican Convention

Liberal Twitter slams Luke Bryan for bringing Ron DeSantis on stage during Fla. concert; says he’s “unqualified” to hold office

Ron DeSantis, former governor and now a federal lawmaker, is in Tampa, Florida, to headline a Republican convention to be held July 18-21 at the party’s Tampa Bay Times Forum.

During DeSantis’s concert, Bryan, who’s known for his controversial remarks and tweets, took the stage at the Tampa Bay Times Forum.

DeSantis was introduced as a congressman by Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody, who, in turn, introduced the candidate.

Moody told DeSantis the GOP nominee “has put forth a well-qualified campaign” and promised “he will serve the American people with the same zeal he’s pledged to serve this great State.”

“It’s wonderful to have you here tonight,” DeSantis said.

He quickly moved to introduce himself to the crowd.

“I am Ron DeSantis, a candidate for the people of Florida,” he said. “I am a son, brother, grandfather, pastor, teacher, and small-business owner. And I’m a hard-working Floridian who has made a difference in this great state.”

The two then moved on to the topic of illegal immigration.

“We need to secure our borders …. ” deSantis told the crowd.

He said he’d cut funding for “politically correct” sanctuary laws and increased the number of people who could be deported. And he said he’d “build a fence” if elected.

But in a rare moment where DeSantis talked about his policies, he also was critical of other Republican candidates for governor.

“Our opponents are now running away from the president,” he said, later adding, “This is what their campaign is about.”

“I’m not trying to be controversial in this speech, but I do know that it’s not enough to talk about creating jobs and making Florida great

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