Hurricane Ian is the equivalent of Katrina

Op-Ed: Hurricane Ian and the coming climate crash

Hurricane Ian may be the biggest hurricane ever recorded in the modern era and may have caused even more damage than Katrina did, but it also represents a harbinger of an even more terrible storm that is about to hit America with devastating force.

Hurricane Ian was a Category 2 storm just off the Florida coast when it made landfall on South Padre Island on June 10. I’ve written about this storm in the past and as we are now living in an era where climate change is only too real and accelerating, there may very well be no escape from this storm.

Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, and this year’s Hurricane Maria have all come from the same storm system

Hurricane Ian came out of the Gulf of Mexico and hit the east coast as a Category 2 with winds of 115 miles per hour. It left a wake of destruction in its wake and will only get worse.

Hurricane Harvey wreaked havoc in Texas and California with winds topping 200 miles per hour as it barreled through the state.

Hurricane Irma followed with winds around 160 miles per hour and left a path of destruction around the United States.

Hurricane Maria was also caused by the same storm system, but hit the Caribbean Sea. Winds topped 250 miles per hour and caused more than $100 billion in damage.

If we don’t respond to these storms now, they will hit us years from now and we won’t be able to do anything about it. In fact, in terms of the scale of devastation they will cause, this is the equivalent of Katrina.

I’ve recently put together a series of articles on the coming climate catastrophe and how governments around the world are failing to respond adequately and how we have to act now to prevent worse disasters from hitting the entire world.

The following is excerpted from a longer article that I’ll be publishing in a different part of the website, so

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