How Airlines Are Trying to Make Money by Flying in the Middle of the Night

Airlines Cash In as Flexible Work Changes Travel Patterns Become the New Normal

There is a lot of money to be made by airlines when they get passengers to fly in the middle of the night. They make money by charging for the cost of the night stays and then charging for the plane fare to get to the same destination. All of this adds up to a profit margin that averages around 3 percent on flights to Europe. Yet, the problem with that 3 percent is that it is extremely difficult for the average traveler to control when, where, and how (and how often) he/she travels.

According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, there were 14 million people traveling outside the United States, meaning that the U.S. has more people moving around and more people making it a priority to not travel at all. For many, it is a question of survival. So how are airlines trying to cash in on travelers who are no longer in control of their own travel?

For many years, airlines have tried to make travel on airplanes more predictable and thus more attractive. Today, the most recognizable route of all is the flight from London to New York.

That’s right, a one-ticket flight to Manhattan costs $1,000 round trip. That may seem like a lot, but for many travelers, that amount is still a large chunk of their paychecks. In fact, most people are able to pay the majority of their plane-fare expenses because they have very flexible work schedules.

So how many hours in the day are they willing to sacrifice to travel between two cities? It depends on the traveler, but most will be willing to give them a shot. For those who can work flexible hours or who work late into the night, this is a winning combination. In 2011, there was a 24 percent increase in the number of people who were willing to fly in the middle of the night. This means that some people are working or traveling to make a living by travelling in the nighttime.

On the other hand, the problem is

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