Why Airline Travel is a Test Case for Family Travel

US airports aren’t kid friendly: Why do families get priority abroad but not here at home?

What do you do between flights?

The family has a few things on their mind when the flight arrives: The little one has an ear infection, the hubby is exhausted, or there is a toddler who needs to be put down.

After the flight is over, parents often go straight to a hotel to unwind after a hectic journey.

But what happens to those of us who have a family in tow?

Our children are always with us.

So why do we have to wait in line for a seat when they can be in our own seats with the help of the automated boarding system?

At the airport, we can be with our children for hours – and sometimes for days – until they are ready to fly back home.

To help you better understand what your airline has to offer and the impact they have on family travel, we spoke with Sarah Caulfield, manager of family engagement at the UK Airline Association (UKAA).

Sarah’s career has taken her from being a schoolteacher to manager of customer engagements, so she understands the needs of parents and airlines very well.

“You might say it’s quite surprising because for a lot of people, family time is what defines the whole experience,” Sarah said.

“There isn’t a better test that we can take now than for families going through these delays and the chaos they can cause.

“If you are a parent, having a family and going through a long period of travel could be one of the most stressful times of your adult life.”

We asked her what makes the aviation industry an ideal test case for the importance of family time abroad and a great venue for the improvement of travel services.

“We have seen families travel across almost any country and every airline and every route,” she said.

“We see children in seats with adults and in planes full of children. But when you talk to families what makes air travel special?

“What is the best way to have a

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