We Stand With Chabad

Listen on the go: Four Days investigation, narrated by Kevin Donovan, takes a look behind the scenes of a U.S. law enforcement investigation in the wake of the police attack on Chabad of Poway.

POWAY, Calif. — Three days after the police attack on Chabad of Poway, a group led by Chabad’s executive director of security, Yarden Sheff, are gathering with thousands of people from around the world to mourn and continue the fight against anti-Semitism.

The group is called “We Stand With Chabad,” and each year around the same time, members of the Jewish community worldwide gather in a park next to Chabad of Poway to remember and fight bigotry and hatred.

The Jewish community has been particularly vocal in their protest against Chabad. While Chabad has not been linked to anti-Semitism, the community fears that the Chabad of Poway attack could be a sign of similar violence.

“Just two years ago, we had a terrible incident at our Chabad in Boston; it was an apparent racially motivated attack that left four people dead and many others injured,” said Rabbi Michael Baskin, executive director of Chabad of Poway.

“If it’s proven that this incident is indeed racially motivated, it is yet another reason why we cannot ignore anti-Semitism in our own community, and we need to be ever-vigilant against it,” he added.

The Chabad of Poway attack took place on Thursday, September 28, 2013, when police officers stormed the Chabad of Poway community headquarters in the Bay Area community. They arrived at the building and announced themselves to the community via loudspeaker while the Chabad rabbi, Rabbi Chaim Tchernichovitz, and his wife, Dorit, were inside, the police said.

Chabad officials, including Rabbi Tchernichovitz, have said that the couple were not under arrest at

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