Voter suppression: The RNC’s lawsuit is the only one ever to go to the Supreme Court

RNC files over 70 lawsuits to challenge states on election rules

The Republican National Committee’s lawsuit against several states is the only one ever to go all the way to the Supreme Court.

The RNC argues that some of these states that use voter ID laws to stop voter fraud are trying to suppress minority voters.

But there’s a bigger question about voter suppression, and how it’s done.

A lot of the states on the list of those whose rules are up for challenge in court are ones with big problems when it comes to voting: Texas, for example, has higher rates of voter fraud than nearly any other state, according to the Brennan Center. And Arizona is also known for having the nation’s strictest voter ID laws, and a high instance of voter impersonation fraud compared to other states with ID rules.

We’ve asked the RNC for the name of anyone they believe to be a victim of voter suppression. The party has not yet responded.

“I’m just surprised that these types of voter suppression campaigns have been happening,” says James Parrish, director of elections and democracy at the Brennan Center.

“I wouldn’t have looked at that question in that way,” he says of the RNC’s action. Voter suppression is an “ugly subject,” he says.

Parrish says the GOP’s lawsuit challenges rules that are aimed at preventing voter fraud.

“It’s not about voter fraud,” he says. “‘I don’t want my vote to be stolen’ is not compelling enough for us.”

Here’s more about some of these laws and why the RNC’s legal complaint is so unusual.

And here’s a timeline of the states’ voting laws.

Florida, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, Delaware, New Jersey, Virginia, Texas, and Wisconsin

Voter ID laws have been around for a while

Voter ID laws get passed in many states and become law the next day.

“As a law, it’s not always the best idea,” says Parrish at the Brennan Center.

But if you want to know if an election really has that much influence, he says, you

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