Unusual Rain Patterns in Southern California Could Be a Threat to Life and Property

An ‘abnormal,’ monsoon-like weather pattern hits Southern California

Weather experts are pointing to ‘unusual’ rainfall patterns that are battering the Southland as a possible link to a slew of deadly wildfires.

“This rain storm that just erupted in Southern California should stand out in any normal pattern of rain and thunderstorms,” said meteorologist and climatologist Bob Henson, president of Henson Weather Lab in Laguna Beach, California. “It was unseasonably warm and humid as well, reaching near 90 degrees. It was also very unusual for the time of year, as Southern California is normally very dry.”

Henson and other experts say the weather pattern is an example of a monsoon-like event, when the weather is so intense that moisture from the ocean evaporates or is blown out of the atmosphere by the jet stream.

This means there is little moisture in the air and the atmosphere is very dry, according to Henson.

“This is a storm pattern, a weather pattern that we have never seen before in the Southland,” said Henson. “Some experts have said it was a monsoon by comparison.”

There is no immediate danger to life or property from this unusual weather, Henson said. But the threat is far worse in the event of fire, he said.

“The danger is if you have a wildfire,” Henson said. “You’re talking about the fire conditions, like wind, heat, humidity, lightening and rain. You’re talking about a wildfire that could last for days.”

According to Henson, in the last month, Southern California has experienced two other “unusual” rain storms, which have killed two people and destroyed dozens of homes.

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In the video, Henson is seen putting his rain boots on before taking off his shirt. The rain boots are then seen slipping on as Henson is walking down the path. A man

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