Tom Felton admits he used to drink before he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder

‘Harry Potter’ actor Tom Felton explains how an escape from rehab helped his sobriety

Tom Felton has admitted that a five-month stint in rehab helped him to become the’strongest person I have ever been.’

The ‘Harry Potter’ star also said he was not as’strong’ as he used to be after he took up drinking again.

Felton, 59, spent the first of his six-weeks in rehab in 2004 after being diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

He admitted to New York Magazine that he used to drink before he was diagnosed with the condition, but it had not been ‘a habit’ then.

Talking about his time in rehab, Felton said: “I was like ‘Oh no, I’ve gotta do something about this. And you know what I did? I drank.

“If I could have told myself that my drinking was OK, I would have done that, I would have done it on my terms, I would have done it a long time ago.

“And then I went to rehab, I did everything the first day, I got up there with the group of guys. I knew every guy there, every guy in the group knew me, I was one of the most popular guys in the group, and I was on the road to recovery the first day.

“I can’t say I knew that going in, I did know it but I didn’t know it, and I have learned that about myself in the last year or so after I went to rehab.

“I’ve learned that my alcohol problem was not a habit, it was a need. I did drink in the past, but I was not a habit. And when I made the decision to seek treatment for my disorder, my drinking was not a part of my problem.

“And I went into rehab, and I stayed there for 5 months. I had a group of men that I thought of as my family. I thought of them as my children. They were

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