The Story of Andrea Johnson

Her allegations brought down megachurch pastor Bruxy Cavey. Then the anonymous trolls came for her.

Last time, we spoke with a man named Michael A. who was named in a lawsuit filed against a Colorado church for sexual assault by a woman named Andrea Johnson. He had helped shelter her when she was a runaway teen. He is now out of jail, still serving his sentence. I wanted to know more about his story.

We sat down with Ms. Johnson, now 20, at her home in Colorado Springs in July 2016. When we spoke with her, she was a student activist from North Carolina who had spent the evening with her friend, who had invited her back to his house for one last time before she left for college.

She began telling us about her life at an all-male high school in Oregon where she was raped in the locker room by a football player for whom she would later go to prison for killing. She talked about the time she was raped in high school and the time afterward. She told us about the moment she felt the weight of the rape’s aftermath, when she thought she lost a part of herself.

And she told us about the church where she was raped, and the two years she spent being housed in the basement of the church’s office as an alcoholic and manic and drug user.

She was 14 years old when her parents moved them to Colorado Springs, about an hour and a half away in a suburb of Denver, where her family planned to move in a few years.

She was a freshman at CU when her friend, whom she had known since age 6, was arrested. They were close and she was often in his custody, but sometimes she was with him. She knew he was going to prison. She was scared, and she tried to convince him to go with her to their high school dance to try to make it less scary.

She wanted to talk to his father, who was the assistant coach at their school, but his father said no. Then she met Michael, who she had met only once, when she was working at a homeless shelter. They clicked right away. He was a Christian and a former drug addict. He told her about the people who lived there now, the homeless people. She felt like she was in the right place.

He told her they were going to be

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