The Problem with the Global Rulers

Op-Ed: Hurricane Ian and the coming climate crash—if we’re lucky

When Hurricane Ian struck Haiti early August, it was unprecedented. But it was predictable. What was not predictable was the reaction of the global media—the first thing the corporate-owned media did was to blame the people of Haiti, who for decades had been a victim of international imperialism at the hands of the rich and powerful. Yet, despite the media’s biased response, the truth is quite different—when people of color, women, the poor, and the powerless rise up together, there is no turning back. Because when we all stand together, we are stronger—and we don’t need the corporate media to tell us.

The U.S. empire is collapsing, and many Americans are finally realizing that there is no point in pretending that things aren’t getting worse.

In one of his last writings before his death, George Orwell wrote, “The most familiar means of self-justification is the familiar story of oppression.” Because as long as we keep telling that story, our people will continue to submit to the oppression of the global ruling class.

So, in response to “the familiar story of oppression,” we must say, “No, this is not the familiar story of oppression.” The problem with our global ruling class has been to create, and to sustain by force, an unending state of emergency.

Since 9/11, our rulers have created a state of emergency: “an all-pervading police state that has become the law of the land.” A state of emergency, in other words, is a manufactured war that has been declared by the rulers — in order to keep the people under control. Just like the Bush administration’s manufactured war on terror, the empire’s state of emergency is being exploited by the ruling class to keep its people under their control.

Here’s what the corporate-owned media really likes to conceal about the state of emergency: The

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