The NFL’s Concussion Protocol Isn’t Working

Concussion controversy: Traumatic brain injury gets more attention after NFL player incident

Travis Kelce, a wide receiver for the New England Patriots, suffered a concussion last week against the Baltimore Ravens. He remained on the sideline with his eye swollen shut for two days after the game.

The incident drew attention from the NFL, which called out the Patriots after the game, asking them to review the safety of players in the game and in the locker room after one-on-one contact because of concerns that they could have been more vulnerable to TBI.

But the NFL was slow to react, according to a story I wrote earlier this week about concussions in the NFL.

The Patriots will be reviewed. The players were not disciplined. And the NFL’s concussion protocol did not apply when the player was in his locker room, where he probably received “very little interaction” with other players.

Concussions in the NFL, not just at Patriots games, are “a huge concern,” according to NFL executive vice president of football operations Ray Anderson.

“Obviously it’s very important the league and the players get together and have a real conversation about whether a different protocol should be in place,” Anderson told a local news outlet. “We want to be a model organization when it comes to concussions. And we can still be that model organization, if we make the right changes.”

The NFL wants players to be as safe as possible. The league wants this to be a clean slate. But it’s not clear the NFL and its players’ union have the answers.

The NFL has been working to develop a guideline for concussion protocols, but it still hasn’t been released. The NFL Players Association is trying to get the league to do the right thing. The union is worried that the NFL doesn’t have the answers.

“It’s a good thing that these things are changing, but if these changes don’t happen,” said Steve Hill,

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