The GOP Can’t Win New Hampshire

Why this ex-Democratic Representative and Republican candidate in New Hampshire are working to defeat Hassan: This might be the best political campaign in the country!

We are a group of New Hampshire conservatives who know the GOP candidates for president are being too reckless and too weak to fix America. This is why we are writing to all of the Republican candidates to end the Bush administration’s destructive wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. We believe that we have the better strategy, and we must use the presidential nomination to get this message out.

The Bush administration’s three catastrophic wars have caused the death of over one million Iraqis and many thousands of U.S. soldiers. But the Democrats have refused to debate the issues. And the New Hampshire GOP is doing everything in our power to prevent that.

New Hampshire’s largest newspaper, the Concord Monitor, has endorsed New Hampshire voters like me who see the Republican candidates as weak and indecisive. The editorial board is calling for a “renegade Republican” to win the nomination. The New Hampshire Union Leader endorsed Mitt Romney for president, saying he will “unleash” the Tea Party on the nation…and endorsed Rick Santorum, telling voters they can “vote for the best person they know.” The editorial board’s endorsement is similar to what the GOP establishment is doing in Nevada. In that state, the Times-Picayune endorsed Rick Santorum for president, saying the candidates are too “too negative”…a “negative image” to take advantage of the Tea Party movement…while giving a big endorsement to Mitt Romney, saying he would “unleash” Tea Party zealots on his way to the nomination.

But the party is more concerned with what they think is politically beneficial for the candidates than it is for New Hampshire.

The reason this is so important, is because, as we discovered when we ran a series of “Stop the War” ads on CNN and MSNBC, the Democrats can’t win New Hampshire…because they want to win with their “I Don’t Want to Know How You Spend Your Money” strategy.

That is why we are encouraging all Republican campaign managers to run negative campaigns in New Hampshire to challenge the Democrats’ negative campaign strategy. As Newt Gingrich said, “I Don’t Want to know How You

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