The Fashion Story of Pharrell Williams

What Bella Hadid and Pharrell Williams Wore to Their Parties

It’s easy to forget how much of a fashion story Pharrell Williams’ clothing and accessories have been over the years. He’s worn everything from flannel shirts (which, in his case, really do fit) to a full-body wrap (which may, at least in part, be because he’s more comfortable in a wrap than in anything else). One thing I’ve noticed is that he’s always been comfortable with the material of his clothes, whether it’s linen or silk. This is, for me, a major reason why I was never a fan of his clothing choices.

The other fashion story that I was able to discover while digging through his archives is that he’s not the only one who loves his clothes. After his third divorce, Pharrell’s wife, Niki, decided that he needed to be a better dresser. She insisted on a complete makeover, which includes an overhaul of his wardrobe as well as his personal style. She doesn’t know that he has always had a closet full of clothes that fit great.

The thing about Niki is that she’s always loved clothes and always seen her husband as the guy who gets dressed up a bit too much, no matter how many times they’re together. So after she became pregnant with their son, James (now 6), she decided that it was time for him to loosen up a bit.

Niki is a fashion icon. She’s worn everything from Louis Vuitton-esque shoes to dresses made of silk to dresses made of leather and she’s always been seen as a fashion icon. But even though she’s never exactly been labeled an “it” girl, I’m pretty sure she sees her fashion choices as being in line with what’s been cool in her generation. She’s been an inspiration to women all over the world, not just to those who identify as stylish women.

Pharrell Williams and his wife had a lovefest

A year and a half ago, Niki and Pharrell decided that it was time for him to “lose weight”

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