The Bird Lover: The Story of Nithin

‘All That Breathes’: Delhi’s bird saviors become the subject of a hit documentary

The man who rescues birds on the streets of Delhi has become the hero of his own story.

At a time when there is no shortage of stories of people whose lives are touched by various avian rescuers, none so extraordinary as the man who goes by the single name of “Nithin” and goes by the title of “The Bird Lover,” in the run-up to his birthday the man who has been credited for taking in over 30,000 animals and has rescued more than 2,600 has become a celebrity in his own right. His exploits have attracted attention in national and international media, he has been featured on TV and radio shows in a wide variety of languages, and there is now a documentary film about him on the worksheet at the National Film Development Corporation, the Delhi-based production house, which is making a film on the man himself.

On December 31, 2015, Nithin, who was born in a small hamlet of Bihar about 30km from Patna, will turn 37. He is almost always surrounded by his flock of 150 birds, some of them in cages, others in his backyard in the small village of Madhubgana, near Patna. They include the kingfisher, the cuckoo, and the black-winged petrels, along with a variety of species that are not commonly found in this part of Bihar. And the majority of birds in the flocks belong to species that the man has found in the wild, which have fallen victim to habitat loss and conflict with humans. Nithin has done this not because he wants to make animals fly, as some of his supporters claim, but because he wants to give a few poor birds a better life.

The man who rescues birds on the streets of Delhi has become the hero of his own story.

The journey of the man, the film has revealed, began in 2004, after he decided to become a wildlife enthusiast. He was studying medicine at Patna’s B. J. Medical College and went on to become the dean of

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