Sanders to travel to the US to expand the Democratic Party

Sanders aims to boost vulnerable Democrats in US tour


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Sanders visits Minnesota, Wisconsin after DNC results

Polls show him winning big in Minnesota

Winnipeg (CNN)Sen. Bernie Sanders is preparing to launch a series of campaign stops in the United States this week, according to campaign aides, as he hits the road to expand the number of Democrats in the party’s ranks ahead of the upcoming primaries and caucuses.

The tour, which begins in Minnesota on Tuesday, will then carry the candidate through Wisconsin on Saturday before concluding in his home state of Vermont – where he holds a substantial lead over Hillary Clinton.

The Vermont trip will be the first stop on a broader campaign schedule that includes five campaign stops in California in addition to visits to Iowa and New Hampshire, two more states that vote before the January primary.

The tour will also include stops in New York and several other states, including Michigan, Ohio, New Hampshire, Michigan, Illinois and Pennsylvania.

While the campaign has touted a broad expansion of the US universe, many of the voters he plans to stump for are already familiar to Sanders. As the latest CNN/ORC poll shows, the Vermont senator has a huge advantage with those who have voted before, with Sanders pulling ahead with more than two-thirds support over Clinton in their head-to-head match-up. Sanders also holds a large lead in favorability ratings among the voters who have already voted in previous contests, with 65% of his supporters saying they had a favorable view of him compared to just 11% who felt unfavorably about him.

Away from those voters, Sanders trails among independents, while Clinton holds a comfortable lead over him in the group with a margin of 53% to 42%.

He’s aiming to put the Vermont State Convention on the same footing as the Republican National Convention, in terms of having broad participation and reaching out to voters across the country. As recently as a few weeks ago, Sanders had not indicated a willingness to travel the distances that many of his opponents had set out for him this primary season.

He will get an especially favorable reception this week in Minnesota and to the east-coast swing states of Minnesota and Wisconsin, which vote on Tuesday, a tour that has been a centerpiece of his pitch to voters and could help him widen leads in those states.

He’s expected to appear on the

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