Samantha Power Sues Her Father for Sexual Abuse

Daughter of Paul Pelosi attacker says her father was ‘consumed by darkness,’ sexually abused her ‘every day for years’

Samantha Power’s father was the subject of a lawsuit filed Monday over allegations of child sexual abuse

Samantha Power’s lawyer blasted the lawsuit as ‘frivolous and misleading’ in a court filing

A woman who claims her father sexually abused her every day for years is suing him.

Samantha Power, one of the nation’s top liberal activists, says her father, the subject of the highly anticipated ‘Unmasking the Menacing Left’ documentary, was her ‘consumed by darkness’ when he raped her in her childhood bedroom.

‘Every day for years, he’d enter my bedroom with intent to rape me,’ she told NBC News.

‘This is what he did every day. This is what I never told my friends. This is what I told nobody,’ she said.

‘And of course, this was a man that people thought was this great man. I thought, “He’s not that bad. He’s just this great father and husband.”

‘And then to find out that he was a terrible, terrible human being, a man who was going to do this every day, for years.

‘And I thought that he had me all fooled, that’s why I never told my friends.'”

‘My father’s actions were reprehensible, but I would never seek to seek retribution against anyone. I wouldn’t seek to see anyone held liable.’

The documentary alleges that Pelosi was forced to resign as the director of the Los Angeles office of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee after an extensive FBI investigation determined that he had engaged in sexual harassment.

The documentary also alleges that he had a history of sexual contact with children, including the son of a congressman.

‘The man who is going to bring this nation back to its former greatness? It’s this woman, Samantha Power, because she was, really, the first to come forward,’ said actress and producer Judd Apatow as he introduced the documentary, called Unmasking the Men

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