Rosalind was a great teacher and I am proud of her.

Letters to the Editor: Rosalind Wyman’s was a life well lived as she served as a school board trustee, school principal, PTA president, and then on the board of the school board for four and a half more years after she retired. She always put the students first, and did this by her leadership of the PTA and dedication to her students and school. Her dedication to education also resulted in her being nominated several times for the position of trustee of the board of education in the years following her retirement. She was a good teacher and dedicated worker in the classroom. She did a wonderful job for the students but it has to be said that she was a wonderful trustee and school board member to all who knew her; she brought out the best in people and has always been a positive role model to everyone she knew.

There are those who say she was a wonderful and supportive teacher. This might be true. Her influence in the school and her students was outstanding. She had the ability to motivate and drive her work and that is important for a teacher. She brought out the best in my students and she never let them walk off of the school bus into the sunset. She was the kind of a person that was always there to see you home, or to just go with you to the next class.

She was a great teacher and I think she made the best contribution she could to the students that she worked with. If she had not been elected to the school board by the parents she would not be the school principal that she was today. She was just truly the kind of individual that was always there for you.

In the summer after my daughter graduated from high school I was invited to drive her to college. I couldn’t believe the kind of things I would learn as a parent and my experience of working with a student.

Rosalind was also a terrific leader of the PTA. I am proud of how she helped my daughter and helped other students. When my daughter and I finished our career together she was in her early 40’s and I was in my early 50’s when we both retired.

I had the pleasure of working for Rosalind when she was an office manager and during her many years of service as a principal. She was a great secretary, an excellent leader for the PTA, and worked to take care of the students that I knew and loved.

I have only one thing to

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