PAC to launch ads in Arizona to attack GOP candidates

Liz Cheney’s PAC to Run Ad Against Lake and Finchem, Both Republicans, in Arizona

Liz Cheney’s PAC announced on Friday it will launch TV ads in Arizona that will attack two of Republican Party figures who are competing to become the party’s nominee for president in the 2014 election: Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and Sen. Jon Kyl.

The ads, which will air this coming week, will attack the candidates’ voting records and ties to national-level policies that could hurt their positions in the general election, such as climate change and the war on terror.

The ads begin Monday, when Arizona’s top two state officials, Gov. Jan Brewer and Sen. John McCain, who are both Republicans and represent Republican strongholds, face off in the race for the GOP nomination. The ads will be financed by a super PAC called Rise and Win PAC.

The ad buy is part of a larger strategy by Rise and Win to use television and social media as tools of political attack ahead of the GOP primary.

Rise and Win is a super PAC that is funded by a series of wealthy donors and is independent of the Republican Party. The organization’s funders include the heirs to the Astor family fortune, conservative-leaning donors David and Charles Koch, and major oil companies like Exxon.

Giffords’ husband, Mark Kelly, has run ads in Arizona for the super PAC, as has McCain, who is also planning ads for the general election.

The ads will run for three weeks. By the end of the election, the PAC will release a final, finished ad to the public.

In an attempt to avoid the fate of its Democratic counterpart, which was attacked for ads in North Carolina by Priorities USA Action in the final election day, the super PAC has been careful not to release its TV ads. The organization has kept most of the airtime that it had been paid to run its ads for the general election to run ads for the primaries.

While Arizona has many liberal Democrats, Giffords is a right-leaning Democrat. In fact

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