Nigeria: Day 2

Adventures of biking from London to Lagos (and back)

We are now two days into our Nigerian adventure and have a lot to share about our time there so far. After our breakfast of fried eggs and fried bacon at the hotel, we left our room early for a lovely ride together through the countryside around the metropolis. The countryside is so very different from what we had been used to in England. Most of it is flat and very well tarmacked (or paved), which is what we enjoy about it. All the crops you see are still in their green, and there is no such thing as a “farm yard” as there used to be in the UK. We were very surprised this morning when a car started down the road at 6:00AM! I did a double take when I saw a car drive past us, but assumed it was the hotel’s staff. A good thing is that you still get to see the country through a different perspective with this view, taken today at dawn.

After a long day of riding, we drove to Lagos. Lagos is a very large city. We got off the train in the city through some amazing tunnel which is almost complete. The outside is all concrete, but the inside is open for the most part. The trains are huge, and have a very thick, bright, and modern make up. I was surprised at how modern it felt. You could really get lost in the station for a very long time, but when you are ready for a break, you can go back and forth between the trains and the platforms freely. We passed a train that was literally hanging off the tracks, which is what brought the idea about this whole trip to my mind.

Lagos is a very interesting city. The place looks like it is on the verge of an immense amount of development, but I feel it has a whole lot more to offer. All the major buildings seem to share a common theme in some way or another. It is very impressive.

There are also a large number of malls that seem to be in a frenzy to get as much business as possible. Everything looks very commercial. There is always

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