Netflix’s Second Business Model Is Too Aggressive

Netflix wants to be a player in gaming. Can it succeed?

It has been ten years since Netflix released The Orange Box: A Netflix Guide to the Movies, TV Shows and Music You’ve Missed on DVD. Back then, we thought the company had gone too far in pushing DVDs and on the Internet. We now know that Netflix is not the enemy. We will never, and I say never, forget that Netflix is the future of movies and TV. Instead, like any other new competitor, Netflix has to do things better – or else it might lose our loyalty.

Let’s start with the name. Netflix is a reference to the popular television show that aired from 1986 to 1996, called “The O.C.” Netflix and its streaming-video service do not look like an enemy. But its name is too aggressive. The first name of a new company is a good selling point. But the second name – or worse, the third – is too much. That’s why the name should be the first thing the company does before any press, or in-show interviews or marketing initiatives.

Netflix’s second business model, subscriptions, is a good name even without the first name. Netflix has never looked like a player in content. We don’t know what it stands for, but the “Netflix” in the name sounds like an invitation to the Netflix subscriber to sign up. The name “Netflix Subscriptions” would be refreshing. But it would not sell me.

The third thing to watch is how Netflix does business. I say it’s a good thing that Netflix does some business like Apple does, but a lot more like Amazon. If Netflix were to do only one thing or two things, like the other two, it would not survive as a player in the DVD and streaming business. Netflix should be the home of content. Netflix should be the best provider of movies and TV series. And, even better, Netflix must be the

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