“Mr Weinberg’s words are not only offensive, they can cause people harm,” his lawyer said

TV producer Eric Weinberg has $5-million bail revoked after judge labels him danger to society.

Bail was set at $5 million after jurors at his trial accused Weinberg of using the platform to spread “vile and violent” ideas about gun violence, hate crimes and immigration.

He was convicted of producing and distributing “hateful and sexist” material.

At sentencing, the judge said: “Mr Weinberg has not demonstrated a modicum of respect for the law and his sentence must reflect this.”

Weinberg’s lawyer, David Steinmetz, said: “We are disappointed with the court’s decision and the outcome only serves to reinforce that Mr Weinberg’s words have always been taken seriously and that they are not only offensive, but they can cause people harm and have caused his clients grievous harm.

“We are pleased that the court has decided to uphold Mr Weinberg’s right to a presumption of innocence as well as the right to due process.”

Judge James Larkin said that the “truly vile and violent speech” by Weinberg was not covered by free speech laws and was not necessary for the protection of others or society as a whole.

He said: “There may be some justification to the argument that some people, because of their own political persuasions or their own religious beliefs, may have an ideological difference or not agree with the views I have.

“However, there is no justification for someone who has a penchant for using violence or who has a penchant for inciting violence of any type, regardless of any ideology or philosophical belief, to commit acts of violence and to use that violence in a manner that is reprehensible.

“Mr Weinberg has not demonstrated any reason whatsoever for believing himself to be above the law.

“He has not demonstrated a modicum of respect for the law and this sentence must reflect that, but he is very fortunate in the fact that he hasn’t been given the maximum, because he is very fortunate that he is still on parole

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