Migrants are trying to get to Europe from the US

New wave of migrants puts US and other countries to the test

A group of about 150 migrants and refugees is on their way to Europe from the US’s southern border, a journey that is about to enter its sixteenth day.

More than 3,000 of them have made the trip so far, and many more are on the way.

“We have had a lot of problems getting people out of here, but finally, we are seeing success. The number of people leaving the US has been reduced,” said US Customs and Border Protection official Mark Krikorian, who is overseeing the program.

President Donald Trump has vowed to build a border wall on the US-Mexico border. The government has asked for $1.6 billion in funding to help with the project, and an estimated 50,000 migrants are crossing from Mexico into the US daily.

More than 3,000 migrants have made the trek since Mr Trump took office in January. (Reuters)

“We’ve seen a decline in the flow of people through the country, but it will continue to be a problem,” Mr Krikorian added.

Mr Trump has called for a “big, beautiful, great wall” to be built along the border with Mexico, although his administration has since conceded it is not feasible.

Mr Trump blames Mexico for not doing enough to stop the flow of migrants, while Mexican officials say they have done their best to stop the crisis.

“I’m not really sure what’s going on. It’s been a very confusing month,” said Mr Krikorian of the US approach to the migrant problem.

More than 100,000 migrants have crossed into the US illegally since Oct. 1 – with the majority fleeing violence in the “Northern Triangle”, which includes Mexico, Honduras, and Guatemala – in hopes of reaching wealthier countries across the world.

In the US, they were largely deterred by the wall Mr Trump promised to build on the border with Mexico and are now trying to get to the northern reaches of the country.

But the situation is a little different for those travelling towards the north of the country.

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