Kanye West’s “Life Is Not A Journey To See You Go” documentary is in “complete disarray”

Kanye West Faces Costly Fallout in New Documentary, “Life Is Not A Journey [Felt] To See You Go”

Last October, Kanye West was in the thick of a public and media firestorm when MTV News reported that he had left his wife’s mother’s home after she asked him to leave. The story received widespread media coverage, and even resulted in a Change.org petition to the pop star to come home from the Wests’ mansion. (“Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s ‘Heaven Is A Place On Earth’: An Interview,” MTV News, October 27, 2014.)

Since then, West’s public image has taken a number of hits. A new documentary, “Life Is Not A Journey [Felt] To See You Go,” premiered over the weekend at film festivals in New York and Los Angeles. Filming followed West’s 2008-2011 tour with Kanye West & Friends, and was an attempt at reconstructing his personal life and relationship with his wife, Kim Kardashian West.

In an interview with the New York Times, West revealed that the album he has recorded as Kanye West & Friends is in “complete disarray” and his current single, “All Falls Down,” was scrapped for a new song.

“This whole album project is in complete disarray,” said West. “We’ve been working on songs and stuff, but now it’s really, really tough for me to put out an album that reflects the person I am right now. This is the first time I’ve really been in the middle of some real shit like this. And it’s really hard. I wanted to make good music, and I really wanted to make the best music I could, but it’s really hard with, like, this whole album is in disarray right now.”

A long-time friend of West, John Legend, has described the new documentary as “a love letter to Kanye and a message to the world.” In a statement, Legend said, “I am deeply inspired by what Kanye has done, and his ability to inspire, enlighten and ultimately bring awareness to the importance of standing up for the things that matter most to us, and to those who

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