Kanye West is under attack at the Los Angeles Holocaust Museum

Holocaust Museum LA invited Kanye West to a private tour. Now it’s target of antisemitic attacks.

When Kanye West visited the Los Angeles Holocaust Museum last week, he had no idea what to expect. He asked to be led to a room with a television playing “I Am a Patriot,” the rapper’s song written about his own experiences before and during the Iraq War. The museum sent security to accompany West, a routine request. But when he arrived, the security guard told him he wasn’t supposed to go into the room at all, he had to instead approach a closed door leading to an outdoor patio (which could only be reached by a private elevator). It was a private tour, no one knew, it was in the museum’s best interests, or something; he wasn’t there to do anything but sing the song.

Kanye did. “Can we just do the song, like, inside the museum?” he asked. The guard refused, West insisted, and he was invited back to visit the museum on Sunday for his second show.

On Tuesday, the security guard walked West down the halls of the museum.

“You’re a very sick man,” he told him. “I just want to get you some help.”

“You need help?” he asked, incredulously. “I got help just sitting here.”

A woman who was sitting at the museum entrance was there to greet him. Kanye shook her hand and they stood a few feet apart. “How can you deny people their freedom and human rights?” she asked.

“Do you know what happened in Auschwitz and Buchenwald?” he asked. “You do? Do you know the story of the Jews over the years?” he asked. “You think my story is different than one of those?”

“Well, if people don’t know what happened to the Jews, what’s the point of telling it?”

The museum was on lockdown until Thursday, at least. In the days they have been together in the same building.

Hours after the museum security guard told him to stop his tour, and hours after he sat down for a private tour of his own, Kanye West is under attack. He has been called

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