Haiti’s Foreign Affairs Committee to hold hearing on coup attempt

Haiti government asks for international military assistance.

The Foreign Affairs Committee of Haiti’s national assembly plans a special hearing of the full committee on Monday in order to raise concerns over plans to use United Nations troops to quell a coup attempt by President Michel Martelly against the civilian leadership.

The foreign affairs committee was created on December 5 to address and oversee the international community’s involvement in a humanitarian crisis in Haiti.

The hearing will be held at the National Palace building on Port-au-Prince’s Avenir Square.

According to committee chairman Joseph Villelard, the meeting has been organized by Jean Pierre Martin, a member of the national assembly, and will be the first time the full committee will gather in one place to address the issue of the coup attempt.

This will be the second time the hearing of the committee was held in a public venue, after it was held last Tuesday in the country’s capital and sparked off a wave of international outrage.

The first hearing was held during the week following Martelly’s inauguration as president in November, and was attended by UN, US, Canadian, French, German and Haitian diplomats, as well as members of the committee.

Martelly’s refusal to accept a new transitional government, in which he has been leading all since a military coup d’état was launched on February 3, has led to the international community’s fears over a possible invasion of the country by UN troops.

The United Nations Security Council, in its resolution of January 28, 2011, requested the government of Haiti to call upon the UN for assistance against the coup, in addition to requesting “that the General Assembly, by passing a resolution on behalf of the Haitian people, condemns this attempt to overthrow the government and strongly supports the Haitian people in their fight against this attempt by the coup plotters to remove the legitimate government and to implement a regime of domination.”

In a press conference held on January 29, the country’s former head of the senate, Bernard Terasse told The Associated Press that any use of foreign troops by Haitian armed forces against the government was “absolutely unacceptable,” as he said it would be a “coup d’etat.”

In the days following Terasse’s statement, President Martelly announced he would call on the UN to “use its

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