China forest protection agency to reconsider closure of coal-fire protection zone in the country’s southwest

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Wang Xing, director of the China Conservation and Forestry Association, speaks during a news conference in Beijing on Saturday.

People walk to take a pictures of a snow lion on the campus of Jilin University February 25, 2013. Snow lion hunting has become a big business in China.

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China forest protection agency to review a previous decision to close a key coal-fire protection zone in the country’s southwest; industry and the public can appeal

China’s national forest protection agency is to reconsider the closure of a key coal-fire protection zone in the southwest of the country.

The agency announced on Saturday that it would review the decision in January 2014, which was made after activists complained about it.

“The latest decision to move the review to January 2014 is in line with the regulations and in response to public opinion,” the official Xinhua news agency reported.

The ruling Chinese government agency has for years closed and restricted coal-fire protection zones in the Xixian, Jinghong and Yushu counties since 2006.

The activists have said that the zone closures were against China’s legal obligations and hurt local residents.

The zone closures were a result of the government’s decision to close the area in 2007, when the Xixian county government launched coal-fire protection initiatives, according to the official news agency.

“We believe that the decision to review the decision to close the coal-fire protection zone for Xixian county (was made on the basis of the requirements and will be implemented in January 2014). We will further extend the deadline to carry out the review of the previous decision,” the agency said.

China’s forest protection agency will meet with local people to further explain the measures taken at this time.

The zone closures are part of efforts to

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