Capcom’s new Street Fighter game has a lot of new characters

Capcom’s newest ‘Street Fighter’ game takes a jab at reviving the golden age of arcades that preceded the home consoles.

By the time the original Tekken was released, it was already a big hit on its first outing, and with the upcoming Street Fighter V — to be released this summer — Capcom’s latest fighting game has some clever nods in its character designs to the classic Street Fighter series.

The Street Fighter franchise has been around for nearly 20 years, with Tekken first appearing in 1993. Players have been trying to revive the series since 2006 by releasing new games and returning to old favorites.

Capcom has put a great deal of effort into the look of its new game, according to the designer of Tekken’s art director.

“We had a lot to do on Street Fighter,” Shinichi Takeuchi said of his design of characters for the game. “It was not like we didn’t expect that some of our characters would be in it — on the contrary, every character in this new game is going to be a new character.”

Takeuchi said of the look of the new game’s characters: “In the original, all of these characters have already been designed. The characters are not a combination of characters created previously — rather these characters are new, which will be a big surprise for people.”

While many details were a closely held secret for fans, Takeuchi said the game was still very much up in the air — including the inclusion or exclusion of certain characters.

Takeuchi said it was easy for the company to add new characters to its roster. “They are only fighting games; they don’t have time to be the kind of fighting games that have characters.”

While the developer wanted to include new characters, as well as to improve on the old ones, they also knew that they needed to make each character unique to keep the gameplay from getting stale.

Takeuchi said the company worked very closely with Namco Bandai, the original publishers of Street Fighter games, to ensure the game “doesn’t have a lot of the same characters over and over.” He said “a few characters like Ryu, Gogeta, and Blanka

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