Bennet and Gardner settle the debate over abortion

Bennet and O’Dea Battle Over Abortion and Guns in Final Colorado Senate Debate

The two candidates have a new battle over guns in the Colorado Senate race, where Colorado voters go to the polls in a primary vote on September 7.

DENVER — After months of trying to outdo each other on abortion, Senator Michael Bennet and Rep. Cory Gardner have finally settled the debate over who is pro- or anti-abortion. Their debate on gun rights is still to come.

Gardner supports legislation that would allow women to exercise their most fundamental civil rights under the law — for abortion. He’s been able to do this because he says the National Rifle Association and the Republican Party are blocking his efforts to pass such legislation.

Bennet, on the other hand, is proposing a ballot initiative that would do the exact opposite of what Gardner is trying to do — essentially prohibit women from getting abortions.

“I have absolutely no patience with the National Rifle Association. That is their issue and their cause, and they will never get it,” Bennet said at the debate on Wednesday.

Bennet called it a “a huge step towards limiting women’s options and ability to make life or death decisions for their bodies.”

“I’m not interested in a gun free zone. I want a gun free zone, so I’ll take it to the Supreme Court. I don’t want to see this happen,” Bennet said.

But on abortion, Bennet does support one form of contraception — the morning-after pill. Bennet says he’s interested in protecting women’s rights to their own bodies.

“I think that the more control that women have over their bodies, the better off we are going to be, and I think that’s one of the biggest issues. We need to protect women from violence-prone men, whether that’s an abusive husband or a boyfriend or a fiancé who’s a violent predator,” Bennet said.

Gardner says he believes that the Supreme Court should take up the issue of allowing women to get abortions. He says he’ll keep trying to get that legislation passed. But he doesn’t think it will

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