Alexandria Democrat says he’s worried about the new map’s impact on his district’s political landscape

Virginia Dem says GOP threats to democracy dominate district concerns in deep-blue Washington suburb

Alexandria native Alex Wubbels, a Democrat running for Washington’s 6th Congressional District, said he is worried about what he sees as the impact of Republican threats to democracy and the Constitution. (Scott J. Ferrelle/The Washington Post)

With a new district map coming to the federal level in the fall, some residents of northern Virginia’s 6th District are weighing in on how the new lines affect the state’s political landscape.

Alexandria native Alex Wubbels, a Democrat who wants to represent the district, said he is concerned about the impact of the new map on the district’s political landscape. He blamed Republican threats to democracy, the nation’s structure of government and the Constitution.

Virginia’s most populous district includes much of Northern Virginia — and a large swath of northern Virginia itself — and Wubbels wants to bring new constituents into a district that he said has grown increasingly homogenous over the years.

If the new map comes into effect, his district will become even more Republican-segregated, with the new boundary lines separating a small number of areas inhabited by Republicans.

“I think it’s a shame that the Republicans are threatening our fundamental democratic values here, where I come from,” he said. “These are real-life citizens, you know, from all walks of life.”

Wubbels said that he is focused on ensuring that the map takes into account the district’s diversity of voters as a whole — a group he said is disproportionately made up of Democratic voters.

“I can tell you, if this map went into effect, that I couldn’t run this district in my own right,” Wubbels said.

He said he will be meeting with GOP congressional leaders and members of the Congressional District Association to discuss how to address the “democratic concerns” that people have about the new lines. The district is currently represented by GOP Reps. Dave Reichert (R), Dave Trott (R) and Bob Goodlatte (R), as well as

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